Should we drive to Las Vegas? 0

At 3:16 AM on a Saturday, I sat in Midtown Billiards with my bud Mike and we discussed the logistics of driving to Las Vegas. I was unemployed at the time and drawing unemployment but had spent all my allowance at the bars that week. I wouldn’t be able to pitch in money until Wednesday the following week. Mike knew a couple girls from back in college who lived in Las Vegas and they assured him we would have a place to stay and that we would have a great time. Moments after this picture was taken we raced back to my apartment, packed our bags and hit the road. We woke up the next morning in a hotel parking lot in Oklahoma City. We didn’t continue our journey to Vegas that day, we headed back to Little Rock. That was a long, quiet, 5 hour drive back home.

Mike and me
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Capital House circa 2011 0

Lived here for a bit with Cheek. It was disgusting. We had a house mate named Jeffrey. He was a rat. Although it was disgusting, it had the best front porch. It was wired and ready to go. We had a many long nights on this thing.