Grand Opening of Big Orange in WLR 0

Surely you love a good Burger. If you’ve spent any time in LR in the past couple years then you’ve definitely heard of or frequent Big Orange. The burgers are really tasty. Fresh ingredients and unique combinations make this a go to place. Definitely bring friends and family from out of town here so they know we’ve got decent food in Little Rock.



Falafel Burger from Big Orange


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Scoop Dog’s 0

This is how you rock a punny name. Scoop Dog is ice cream and hot dog’s and it’s damn good! Don’t be scared Little Rock folks. Yes, It’s located in North Little Rock, but the stray dogs won’t get ya.

Smoked Wings at The Tavern 0

I can’t believe it took me 20 something years to have smoked wings…. but it did. It was one of those experiences that you never forget. My love of fried chicken and smoked chicken met at a decent bar in West Little Rock and I’m never looking back! The southwest egg rolls were noteworthy but the wings were the star.