Grilled cheese on fire plus a small tech rant 0

Another Town Pump classic. Maybe this blog should have been dedicated to Midtown and Town Pump back in 2011. I helped keep their lights on.

Things to note in this picture are the really fantastic onion rings, the grilled cheese loaded with japs, and finally the t-shirt I am wearing.

Posterous is/was one of my favorite services online. They sent me a t-shirt back in the day for being a beta tester and sending feedback on how to improve things. Twitter bought Posterous in 2013 and killed it shortly thereafter. There was a ton of back lash about this because for many users, Posterous allowed them push content across many different web channels. It was dead simple. They pioneered post by email which was really a magical experience. Fast forward a couple years and the guys behind Posterous started a new company called Posthaven. Their promise to users is that they will never be acquired, and the content will be permanent. A commitment to not killing your work. I am a user of Posthaven for another project and it is a scaled back version of Posterous in it’s prime.


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Scoop Dog’s 0

This is how you rock a punny name. Scoop Dog is ice cream and hot dog’s and it’s damn good! Don’t be scared Little Rock folks. Yes, It’s located in North Little Rock, but the stray dogs won’t get ya.

Smoked Wings at The Tavern 0

I can’t believe it took me 20 something years to have smoked wings…. but it did. It was one of those experiences that you never forget. My love of fried chicken and smoked chicken met at a decent bar in West Little Rock and I’m never looking back! The southwest egg rolls were noteworthy but the wings were the star.