This lamb shank is something you need to try 0

Lamb is one of those things that’s weird to think about eating but you love it when you’re doing it. Loca Luna is known for it’s fantastic food and killer atmosphere and on this occasion, the server recommended the shank. I’ve been back a couple times since this date and always gotten this dish. Something is wrong with me. Also, check out the server’s Arkansas tattoo.

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Octoberfest at Dugans 0

It was just another night at Dugan’s until a bunch of Spaten Beer Maids walked in passing out German beer hats followed by a barrel chested bearded man on the PA system announcing a beer holding contest. I’m there with Cheek and we enter. The only thing that mattered at this point was beating Cheek…. which I did. Mission accomplished.



Whole Hog nachos and a spud 0

You know it and you love it, pulled pork on potatoes and corn chips. Whole Hog has got you covered in more ways than one.