PK Cookout 2018 0

This was the first year to participate in the PK Cookout. It was a blast and I will definitely be coming back. The cookout was held out at the parking lot at War Memorial, which made for a miserably hot day in the parking lot. I was out til 3am with this punk named Ford because I have no will power to say no to an old friend drinking beer. That being said, I was in poor shape until noon when Watson showed up with Pedialyte. We cooked breakfast tacos and smoked hotwings for the fun of it and finished 70 out of 93 in the actual competition.We’ll be back. We’ll win best tent next year. We’ll enter an appetizer next year. We’ll have an even better time next year. We might even be prepared.


From Left: Me, Tina Turner, Watson, DK
Yours truly getting up close and personal with some smoking hot wings.
It takes a team to season meat.
The legendary Jess Pryles, probably taking her favorite picture of the night.
The new PK Tank
Glamour shot with Mike D and the PK Tank. They said they are gonna lift it too.
Vintage PK Grills
Loaded down in TX ready to head to AR
Shot of the night. Pro tip: always pose for a picture if there is a photog running around. You’ll thank yourself the next day.
Competition meat. That’s a lot of ribeye.
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Whole Hog nachos and a spud 0

You know it and you love it, pulled pork on potatoes and corn chips. Whole Hog has got you covered in more ways than one.

Arthur’s Steakhouse for the big win 0

Took Shewolf to Arthur’s for a steak but the real champion of the night were the gratin potatoes. They were so damn creamy that we had a second round. The steak was cooked to perfection and we left feeling very satisfied. Bring your wallet because it is spendy…. worth it.

***Bonus is that you get to pick your own steak knife.***