The Blue House with the Empty Grotto 0

South Main Street is being gentrified hard as hell right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t find little hidden treasures in the old neighborhood.

If you go exploring behind Savers you’ll find this great little blue house. The first time I saw it I couldn’t believe it had a built in grotto. As you can see, it has been without statue for some time, and looks like there is light bulb socket at the bottom. I wonder what the family across the street in the renovated house thinks about this?

Hopefully they love it. Hopefully there is a spooky story behind the house.

Get out there and explore our streets.

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YDA, the modern man we all need! 0

This is hands down my favorite picture of YDA.

This was a surreal day up in Marche. We watched a friend put a bullet in between this guys eyes, cut it’s throat and dress it all by himself. I was standing there drinking beer in awe. Really awesome seeing a country boy do work. YDA, was equally amazed, so much that he had to help pull off the pig’s hide.