Breakfast at Homer’s 0

Back when I sold beer, my boss would take me to breakfast at least once a week. Our favorite was Homer’s Restaurant out by the airport. It’s been a solid 9 years since I’ve been out there and haven’t thought much about it since then. Now that I’m back in Little Rock, I am slowly exploring the town and rediscovering old haunts and finding new ones too.

I recently saw Homer’s on Rodney Parham and had to stop in there for a bite. I had my usual eggs over medium and hashbrowns with toast. It’s kind of hard to fuck this up, Homer’s did not fuck this up. The hashbrowns were exceptional. Crispy but not overdone, and they’ll dress them however you want. The wife ordered an omelet and hashbrowns and took no prisoners.

This is my favorite place to go for breakfast… right behind Waffle House.

Eggs over medium, hashbrowns and toast.
Omelet at Homer’s with hash browns properly dressed.


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Octoberfest at Dugans 0

It was just another night at Dugan’s until a bunch of Spaten Beer Maids walked in passing out German beer hats followed by a barrel chested bearded man on the PA system announcing a beer holding contest. I’m there with Cheek and we enter. The only thing that mattered at this point was beating Cheek…. which I did. Mission accomplished.



Whole Hog nachos and a spud 0

You know it and you love it, pulled pork on potatoes and corn chips. Whole Hog has got you covered in more ways than one.