Fuego Takis Fried Chicken Sandwich 0

Big Orange is known for their killer burgers and panty dropping frozen drinks (Orange Velvet), but they also have a rotating special menu that’s nothing to ignore.

I visited the Promenade location last Friday and the server presented me with the specials. He said we’ve got a Fuego Takis fried chicken… I interrupted immediately and said “YES!”. He asked if I needed more details, and I said “NO!”.

For those of you reading this who don’t know about Takis, let me describe them. It’s a corn chip rolled about the diameter of a pencil and length of your pinky finger. Then it’s dusted in whatever flavor labeled on the bag. Fuego is a chili lime flavor and it is absolute fire.

Watch this….

They crumbled the Takis and breaded the chicken patty in them. This is stoner next level genius. The sandwich was presented with avocado and spicy fixings and was eaten very quickly. It was one of those sandwiches you have a hard time setting down.

Would I eat this again? You bet. It’s only here for a limited time, so chances are, you’ll never get to try this. Be sad.

Fuego Takis fried chicken sandwich.
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