FYLR is a entertainment and food blog for Little Rock. It was founded way back in 2010 but died off when we moved to Texas for a new gig. We let the domain expire and all the content was lost forever. Or so we thought! Thanks to the mystical powers of the internet, the site content was auto uploaded to Flickr.

So we’re making a comeback. That’s an empty statement for a bunch or reasons that you’ll have to find out the hard way.

Here’s our promise to you….

  1. We’re not going to post negative reviews .
  2. We’ll speak to you as we would our friend (that means NSFW most times)
  3. We’ll never share or sell your personal data.
  4. We’ll never shill anything unless we’re upfront about it.

Bottom line is that our mission at FYLR is to keep you informed, highlighting a handful of good shit happening in Little Rock by adding perspective and color to make it entertaining. I hope you will stick around, click lots of links, share this, email me, and thanks for making it this far.

Food and Drinks
We love food and drinks as much as you. It’s our goal to consume as much of both as possible.
This is premature too, as is this whole website, but the master plan is to roll out a Pod. We’ll see if this ever happens.
Music, festivals, and anything else entertaining… we’ll try and cover it. But don’t get your hopes up, we’ve got kids and real jobs too.
There’s not a ton of sports in Central Arkansas, but we’ll chime in when we go to a match.

For advertisement placement questions please contact us at @_joerodgers.